Living Spirits

Ok, so in our former website we had lots of articles and downloadable books on the different religions of the world, well the most prominent and most common anyway. We have found that trying to demonstrate the worlds different views of God in one location caused controversy and hate mail. So because of such I will extend several articles on my beliefs on God and the Universe.

And to update those who keep emailing. Yes we have moved again!!! Spiritual Stew and all have now moved to central Illinois to the middle of corn country to try ourhand at homesteading and so far it has worked out way beyond our wildest dreams. We have purchased a small farm and have been here for a full year now. Currently we are experiencing our first harvest and it has been incredible. You can get a glimpse of our experiences by reading our articles on gardening and homesteading. I have never seen such a bounty from a garden before. We were blessed with over 100 summer squash, some 82 zucchini's, over 42 pumpkins and loads of tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, carrots, onions and more from only a 20 foot by 40 foot garden. Being from Texas , we were all simply amazed! We now know why they call this the greatest soil on earth. We also have accumulated several horses, goats and Rhode Island Red chickens. Got ten chickens at three days old back in March and now are getting seven eggs a day. It has been a very awakening experience. Please read our articles on raising chickens and building hen houses to get an idea of where we started from. And to top it all off, I have gotten rid of over forty pounds in the past year on a 80% raw food diet.