How to Stay Young and Healthy

How to Stay Young and Healthy?.....
So , some seven years ago now, I got rid of over sixty pounds of fat that I had taken on over the course of
getting married and raising children. I have changed my lifestyle permanently and am still maintaining my
current weight of 160 after seven years. How you ask? Well I wrote a few articles on how I did it already. So
this article will be about maintenance, cleansing, and keeping the lifestyle change permanent.

Every day, every day, every day I write the book. - Elvis Costello

Every day, every single day of your life, you have to remember your purpose, your goals, your desires and your
health. I am just one person, and this is my own routine/ methodology for healthy living on earth but since
I have made it work very well for me, I would like to share the methods with our readers. Disclaimer: I am not
a doctor, even with six years of college and several degrees, this is not medical advice. This is how I do it and recommend to others.

I will list out the routine I go through every day and the reasons for the items I consume.

I have dairy cows so I am up at 6AM everyday no matter what. Milk cow blues they say.
I start every day with a sixteen ounce glass of distilled water, ice cold. I drink it down before going outside to prepare
the animal feed and milking equipment for the day. I believe the first glass of pure water helps loosen chest flem and
gives a fresh start to the stomach for the day.
After my animal chores and milking, and milk processing, I take what I call my vitamins/medicine....thinking of it as medicine instead of food
forces my sub conscious to think of it that fuel or medicine...instead of food.
So on to what you have been waiting for.
Coconut flesh, I buy the Artisana Organic coconut butter, and take a single tablespoon each day when I take my other vitamins.
Secret to vitamins and such is that they need to have a natural fat to attach themselves too, to navigate the body systems to where
they are needed most. This really comes into play when cleansing the body of toxins. I started this list with the coconut because I use
coconut as my base fat for all other needs. Avocado is another good base fat. Did you know that you are supposed to eat fat?
Yeah, we were taught that one wrong.
So with the coconut, I also take a tablespoon of raw cacao. The magnesium attaches itself to the coconut and goes right where it needs to.
Cacao lowers blood pressure, evens out metabolism and provides the ever so important Magnesium.
I do take a men’s multivitamin from Now foods each day with this mix, so it’s important to mention. I take the vitamin with the coconut and cacao.
I wash all of this down with a glass of cold raw Jersey sweet cream. Again, more natural fat for the vitamins to attach too.
Wait there is more.....
One leaf of cilantro, two whole strawberries (you’re after the seeds in the strawberry skin....the seeds will attach themselves to any metal
particles in your body and attempt to flush the metal out with your urine from the kidneys and liver. As also will the Cilantro, it is proven
to remove aluminum, lead and mercury as well as other metals from your body.
Two dime size slices of raw ginger root and two dime size slices of raw turmeric root. The ginger has been proven to not only reduce prostate cancer but to easily eradicate it from the body. The turmeric is just the bomb. It does so many things wonderful inside the human machine that I cannot list them all here. But I consume it to stave off
any infections and basically to prevent cancers from forming. I spend a lot of time with many RF waves hitting me from multiple directions (as in WIFI, Laptop, cell phones, modems, etc.)
I then eat an avocado and a tomato, raw, sliced with sea salt.

My day is usually spent sitting here in front of the computer. At lunch I stop and have fruit. Mandatory, same every day. 1/2 pint strawberries (grown here
on the farm), 1/2 pint of blueberries and two organic bananas. I take these with two scoops of homemade raw milk ice cream blended in a blender. It is
thick but can usually be consumed with a straw.
Because hunger becomes an issue around three in the afternoon, I usually have a snack of almonds, cashews and pistachios....again natural fats your body
has to have to function.
Fat- we need to discuss fat and sugar. All the so called scientists have said that sugar is bad and fat is bad. Hmmm. Can they prove it? Do they have
solid research? Being a scientist myself and taking stringent methodologies to do anything (I have literally thousands of detailed experiments logged) I have come to
the conclusion that not only is natural fat not bad for you but if you don’t get fat your nutrients do not process properly. Sugar...has always had a bad rap. Not
Sure exactly why. We have been told for decades that sugar is bad for you, makes you fat, ruins your teeth, etc. Well, I am living proof that that is not the case.
I consume two 16 ounce glasses of Chocolate milk made with five table spoons of Nestles' Quick every night before bed, mostly because if I do not add in some calories each day my body goes into ketosis. I work
my ass off on the farm every afternoon, so I burn shit loads of calories and taking them in only by fruit doesn’t do the job. I have had awesome dental check ups with no teeth issues
at all in the seven years I have been doing this, so that myth is over! I recently had my yearly physical and blood work and my blood sugar levels are actually below normal. Go figure huh?
So again, that busts that myth open as well.
I have many experiments documented using myself as the test subject with sugar, I have been tracking my blood sugar levels annually for seven years
and have consistently been great, not high as I expected. I also have documented experiments with giving large doses of different types of sugars to mice at different stages of development. EVaporated cane sugar is the only sugar I recommend. Increases metabolism instead of slowing it down, versus hfcs, beet sugar and processed cane sugar which seem to provide opposite effects. Cannot go into too much detail on these since the company I work for owns my research data.
Onward- so I have walked you through my daily intake saving for dinner, water and raw milk. I consume over a gallon of distilled water daily and have cold raw
milk with every meal/ intake. My wife usually cooks me vegetarian meals, but I eat whatever she has created for the family usually minus the meat. So, if they
have meatloaf, I have potatoes, beans and corn etc. as my meal. Again another reason to add in the extra calories for me. I do not consume much bread, sometimes
have peanut butter and homemade jelly but not often and if you read my other articles I no longer eat any one else’s left overs. I discovered something interesting
traveling the world, most countries do not have dog food. Did you know that? Dog food and left overs do not exist outside Anglo run countries. So I utilize the
animals for left overs. Nothing is wasted here on the farm. All trash falls into one of three categories, edible (as in some critter on the farm can eat it), burnable (as in paper, card board, etc.) and then trash to be carried off and dumped in a hole in mother earth. In our case the trash is minimal.