Secret to being skinny and not gaining weight- are you ready, everyone has awaited this secret for’s pretty simple. Get up off your ass!!!!
I do not work out. I have machines and weight sets etc., but I work my ass off every afternoon moving feed, hay, tanks etc. I strongly recommend getting off of your
ass and moving. Hell if you are too fat to get up, at least masturbate and get your heart rate up. Cynical there, sorry. So you have to move...walk, stretch,
touch your toes, dance, do something. Okay, so that is not really the secret. But excercise of some kind is absolutely necessary to flesh suit maintenance.

Okay, so the secret....well I told you already in what I consume each day. After experimenting with several friends with weight problems, I have found that coconut somehow
acts as a regulator for the absorption of vitamins and minerals and inadvertently changes the metabolism and desire for food. Not saying coconut will end your hunger, but it will help stop cravings for crap you’re not supposed to eat anyway. A close friend, who was in the 300 pound range, has dropped over thirty pounds by simply adding the tablespoon of coconut to his daily diet. He is a big man, and works hard and eats big. He was not about to change his daily Big Mac and six pack diet but he was willing to try the coconut and wow, well, it works okay.