Pharmaceuticals- Just OMFG!!

Stop taking the deadly pharmaceuticals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!- I wanted touch base on this because of all of my older relatives and parents are extreme pharmaceutical junkies. I don’t mean like abusing morphine or nothing. I mean they trust the people that practice medicine. I’m sorry I will trust one when they stop practicing and start doing it for real. My parents and their siblings all in their seventies have doctors’ appointments almost daily, heart doctor, foot doctor, stomach doctor, etc...and these people do not communicate amongst each other and each prescribes boo quoos of pharmaceuticals for our elders to take. My god man! Don’t you see what it is that is killing you? God/Universal spirit has provided a natural medicine/ method for every single naturally formed illness (
 This does not include man made weaponized viruses), bacteria and virus. Go back to mother earth for your medicines. Stop listening to some pip squeak that partied his ass of for six years and then started to practice medicine. Like I said when they stop practice and start the game, then I will consider playing. Until then let them practice somewhere else.