Ummm, this is just gross to think about!!

Did you know that your skin absorbs anything it comes into contact with? Germs from door knobs, car doors, shopping carts. You should know this already with scientific proven methods of absorption…aka nicotine or birth control patches…yep…that should have made us all say "what the fuck?", seriously, almost everything we come into contact with is absorbed into our body . Eeeewww!!!
Okay, so I will point you to recent studies about skin absorption, you will probably throw up shortly before getting to the links anyway so here goes. You absorb into your skin every chemical in your deodorant(can you say aluminum), soap, shampoo, conditioner, make up, lipstick, chap stick, lotion, laundry detergent chemicals from your clothes, chlorine from your shower, pollution in rain drops on your skin, blood splatter( for you in the medical field),fecal mater from the air in bathrooms, smell a fart, yes you just absorbed that into your body as well but off topic. Every cell in your body is alive separately, each cell acts independently to many extents. Explains cancers and tumors real quick huh.  Ok more things you touch each day you absorb  such as other peoples dead skin from a public chair, more important is the old handshake. Who the fuck came up that shit anyway. I do not want your sweat and dna absorbed into my skin. No Thank You!
For you female readers I have some really bad news for you. Did you know that you absorb male dna from semen and store it in your brain for the rest of your life? Ok, the really gross you out part. So that guy you lost your virginity too and he came inside you. No you didn’t get pregnant that time, but guess what?, that first males sperm your body absorbed is now the blueprint for all of your children no matter who the father is. Oh fuck. Yes Oh Fuck is right. Explains why God has strict rules about sex. Bible bangers... look at how Christ knew the woman at the well had five husbands…he could see the energy of the five dna imprints, remember the story of  who refused to put his seed in his dead brothers wife because it would never be his children….I think you may be catching on.  So my children, I love them more than life itself and would gladly die to see them survive and thrive, but my wife was not a virgin…even somewhat of a xxsx…the children have my genetics but they have whoever she slept with first as the main blueprint. Not really mine. Sick. Sad. Could cause lots of issues, but we don’t want to think about it, if every man who married a non virgin and fathered children spent time dwelling on it, they would drive themselves mad, abandon them or put a cap in all of them and start over. Just saying.

So,  you guys making child support payments think on it for a minute , was she a virgin or not. If later then really not yours anyway, well not exactly.

So Rodney whats your fucking point? Your skin is like millions of little mouths sucking in any chemical natural or man made into the system, into you. Gross.  Read labels of products you apply to your skin and find out what they are. Find an alternative that does not have metal or poison...for the most part if a third grader cannot pronounce the ingredient you really should not be allowing it into your body.