Stop eating GMO- Do I need to even address this???

Stop eating GMO- do I need to even address this? Okay my two cent rant. Farmers. Farmers have some sort of sympathy aka Farm Aid program but it’s not widely known, farmers are rich!!!!
I have nothing but farmers that live around me. They are all millionaires. Every last person that I have met who farms for a living is a millionaire. Every single one. So on to GMO.
Farmers, at least here in the Midwest, grow feed corn and soybeans. The farmers themselves will tell you, feed corn is not for human consumption. Said it, it’s out there now. Not for HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Did you get that? They grow GMO round up resistant corn and soybeans because that is what pays the most. Feed corn is used for oil, for fuel, for cereal (my god), for pet food, etc. And for the ever killing poison most Americans consume everyday....High fructose corn syrup. Can there be anything worse for a human? Just fuck!!
80 percent of the farms in business today do not grow food. They grow feed corn and soy. The other farmers that actually grow real crops are the ones we should be helping, but even they succumb to the money. GMO Tomatoes, potatoes, beets, etc. Sell outs!
Rant continued....the whole concept of save the trees use less paper etc....lumber jack is still going to cut that tree whether you used paper or not. He needs money to feed his family and he will cut down the tree no matter what. Lots of stupid shit in the world but if you look at the underlying causes it all boils down to money. Truly the root of all evil...well the desire for money.