Cleansing the Flesh Suit

Cleansing, is it really that easy? OMG, why did we ever think this was hard or difficult? Cleansing is something we should do every day and a good cleansing at least once a month is necessary to remove the toxins, poisons and metals so heavily present now in our environment on mother earth. Cleansing, just like the word invokes, is cleaning out the body of bad crap. We all have crap that enters our body daily. Through our skin, our mouths, lungs, hair. We are taking in the chemicals, metals and poisons we come into contact with daily. I will touch base on skin absorption and research my company has done in another article.
Okay, so I have told you what we are cleansing out and why, but I have not really mentioned how. There are lots of cleansing herbal concoctions out there and lots of cleansing methodologies. Chelating, fasting, regurgitation, enemas.etc. Sounds like a lot of inconvenience and work. Well, some things must be done. Just like your car needs clean oil, your body needs a clean system to function properly. So how do you cleanse. Cilantro! End all beat all too removing metals from your body but also acts as a magnet to other poisons which it picks up and carries out the body through the urinary system. I recommend monthly fasting. If you are taking a leaf of Cilantro every day , your body has the tools already to keep flushing the unwanted elements through, but it is always good to do a full cleansing once a month.
So what I do. I eat cilantro daily but before my monthly cleansing (third Sunday of every month), I consume extra cilantro, a whole bowl of it, usually I put it in our home made salsa we sell here on the farm and eat it with homemade tortillas my wife makes out of the blue corn we grow. I then fast for 24 hours, consuming only water and bananas if I can’t stand the hunger pain. Water flushes it all through and bananas provide potassium and other salts to sustain the body during the flush. So let us discuss this flush. If you are not vegetarian, and are consuming dead animal flesh, then (gross part) you have dead animal goo inside you. This does not like to come out of your intestines easily and what usually causes constipation amongst a plethora of intestinal related illnesses. Buddhist priests would actually pull a long cloth through their system, yes from mouth to anus. I am not telling you to go that far, but if you are still consuming meat and have been doing so for years, this cleansing will need to be done several times to just get you back on track. I do not know any natural method to remove the dead flesh from your gut other than stopping its consumption and cleansing with herbs described. Another suggestion is the good ole strawberry, blackberries and raspberries, the seeds of all three have been proven to grab foreign substances in the body and carry them out of the digestive system when they leave. Eat plenty of berries and cilantro before fasting.